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Harness the Power of Music

for Health and Happiness. No Musical Background Needed!

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We Enable YOU to Multiply the Therapeutic Power of Music Manifold.

Spreading our Wings in 2018

2018 has begun on such an exciting note. We have been nominated as finalists for not just one, but 3 international and Asia Pacific awards, and appointed the exclusive distributor for the amazing Soundbeam technology for Asia Pacific. We are definitely spreading our wings to touch more lives across the region.  

2017 was filled with soulful and impactful events – from bonding generations at the nursing homes, to training healthcare professionals and caregivers to provide fun rehabilitation, showcasing at the Singapore Science Centre, inspiring youth leaders and minting Music Ambassadors, we were fully stretched but fulfilled! We made many friends and formed strong partnerships in Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Japan. In February 2018, we added Australia and New Zealand to our list.  

We’re most grateful to our indefatigable Chairman, Mrs Carmee Lim who is the exact image of grace and wisdom as she guides and supports us. As a social enterprise, we of course, couldn’t have done it without the backing and support from our dedicated team and volunteers, their passion in paving the way to a more compassionate and inclusive society! 

2018 promises to be a year where we can achieve even more together! Thank you so much for bringing music for health and happiness to humanity.

With Gratitude
Michelle Lee
Founder and CEO, I’m Soul Inc

What’s special about us?

Make Music

Our technology and programmes enables You to Make Music (play, move, compose and perform). No musical background needed. You Unlock the Full Power of Music. With fun, ease, in just hours

Expression. Confidence. Well Being

Unlock The Power

We enable you to make music to unlock its power and connect with family and friends. Be they young or old, abled or disabled. Bonding across generations. Engaging all within organisations. No one left behind.

Compassion. Inclusion. Social Connection

Touch Lives

You rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, and enhance your quality of life. You become a Music Ambassador. You give back to the community and enrich the lives of others. You create meaningful jobs with dignity.

Engagement. Jobs. Empowerment

Power of Music in Action!

We involved people from different slices of life in our journey…

Enabled People of All Ages and Abilities, from pre-school to youth to the elderly…

And from welfare organisations to corporates to world audiences.

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