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Founder’s Message: Reflect Rejoice Renew

Reflecting how time has flown by and we’re already into the 2nd half of the year!
Rejoicing because there is so much to be grateful for:

  • DBS for offering us space at their very happening Innovation hub at the Fusionopolis. Being amongst innovators gets our creativity and networking to another level.
  • Ageing Asia Alliance for organising the Eldercare Innovation Awards Asia Pacific 2017. Winning Best Active Ageing Programme (Community) got us invited to the inaugural Gerontech and Innovation Expo and Summit in Hong Kong which brought us many new partners and clients.
  • NAFA for our 2nd collaboration to push the boundaries of inclusivity. The moving performance attracted a larger crowd than last year and spurred us to do even better next year. Kudos to Dr Filomar Tariao for leading the students.

Renewing our commitment with passion to touch more lives. New initiatives will be launched and we are going regional. Thank you so much to those who became our Music Ambassadors. Join us if you haven’t. Let’s enable ALL to Make Music for the Soul!

With Gratitude

Michelle Lee
Founder and CEO
I’m Soul Inc

What’s special about us?

Make Music

Our technology and programmes enables You to Make Music (play, move, compose and perform). No musical background needed. You Unlock the Full Power of Music. With fun, ease, in just hours

Expression. Confidence. Well Being

Unlock The Power

We enable you to make music to unlock its power and connect with family and friends. Be they young or old, abled or disabled. Bonding across generations. Engaging all within organisations. No one left behind.

Compassion. Inclusion. Social Connection

Touch Lives

You rejuvenate your mind, body and soul, and enhance your quality of life. You become a Music Ambassador. You give back to the community and enrich the lives of others. You create meaningful jobs with dignity.

Engagement. Jobs. Empowerment

Power of Music in Action!

We involved people from different slices of life in our journey…

Enabled People of All Ages and Abilities, from pre-school to youth to the elderly…

And from welfare organisations to corporates to world audiences.

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