Our Story

Enriching All to Make Music
Young and Old, Abled and Disabled

Our Mission

Enabling ALL to Harness the Power of Music for Health and Happiness through Technology and Celebration

Our Vision

A Celebration of the Human Spirit and a more Compassionate and Inclusive World

Our Logo

There’s a huge story behind our logo! You’d be missing out if you don’t read this!

The color Green in our logo represents life, renewal, and is associated with growth and recovery. Through the power of music, we transform the lives of people by bringing the power of healing and joy.to people of all backgrounds. You need not be musically talented, rich, or fully abled in order to enjoy the therapeutic power of music!

The color Orange gives off a feeling of joy, happiness, enthusiasm, and determination. We hope to empower the people around us with the ability to make and indulge in the wonders of music. With music, we imbue confidence, hope, satisfaction, and happiness to people from all walks of life.

Now to the design of the words – if you’ve seen a score sheet, you’ll feel that the letter “S” looks familiar. It is known as the Treble Clef – which notates the higher registers of music.We hope to utilize the uplifting effect of music to influence people around us, causing the ripple effect for positivism and happiness.

However, our Treble Clef is flipped around – this represents the unconventional ways of how we approach music. Unlike the conventional way of how we play music using string, wind, or electrical instruments, we capitalize on music technology to allow ease of access to people of all (dis)abilities to make music.