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The Soundbeam 6 is an award-winning technology from the UK that translates movement into music. This means that anyone can make any sound they wish, playing individually and with a group. No computer needed. Just plug and play like a pro!

A Soundbeam 6 set comprises a Controller, 4 Sensors Beams and 8 Wireless Switches with 38 pre-recorded soundsets. The components can be purchased separately or as a set.  

You may wish to check out our Enabling Music Packages which includes training at our signature Music Ambassador Programme to let you get the most out of the Soundbeam. You can also add soundsets of your choice.

I’m Soul Inc is the exclusive distributor for the Soundbeam in the Asia Pacific. For orders and more information, simply submit the contact form below.

Soundbeam 6 Set
Participants playing with the Soundbeam 6

Demonstrating the use of Soundbeam 6