Empower Others

Make Music, Impact Lives

Impact lives as a Music Ambassador when you join award-winning social enterprise I’m Soul Inc and learn to Make Music – sing, move, play an instrument, compose and perform. WHY? Because neuroscience research proves that Making Music MAGNIFIES the impact of music on our brain and wellness, far beyond passive listening! Musical background not required! Our fun, innovative programmes and cool technology enable you to unlock the FULL power of music for healing and joy, instantly, with ease. Have a joyful day learning new skills, meeting like-minded like-hearted souls, and be empowered to enrich lives for a happier, more compassionate and inclusive world!

Who Should Attend

You love music and want to harness its power for yourself, your loved ones, clients and the community.


Self-expression, creativity, community engagement, active ageing, fun rehabilitation, team-building. You can also become a Music Ambassador (Trainer) for a rewarding career opportunity.

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I’m Soul Inc is the winner of Asia for Good Readers’ Choice Award 2016 and Eldercare Innovation Award Asia Pacific 2017 for Best Active Ageing Programme (Community).

Volunteers and educators…
…therapists and retirees…
…empowered to touch lives.