Go M.A.D. Make Music

A fun, inspiring Community/CSR event for Brain Health, Happiness and Connection


Music is universal and has the power to make us happy and to heal. Making Music (doing all things music-related – sing, move, play an instrument, compose and perform music) MULTIPLIES the power of music on our brain, far beyond just listening!

Join us on 13 Sep evening for a fun and inspiring evening where you will:

  • Find out WHY you must make music – Science+Soul
  • Experience HOW you can make music with cool technology, no musical background needed.
  • Empower yourself to go M.A.D.! Make a Difference. For yourself and for others!

Ignited by I’m Soul Inc, an award-winning social enterprise that enables ALL to harness the power of music through technology and celebration. Their cool technology, the Soundbeam, will turn any movement into music – instantly, with ease. Their Enabling Music Programme will empower you. No musical background needed. No limits on age or (dis)abilities, language or culture.

Organised by thebridge at Ascent, where places are provided to develop dreams and innovative, inclusive communities are nurtured.

For more info, contact us at +65 8752 1046 (Samson), +65 8407 8020 (Rena), or email us at info@imsoulinc.com