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Life can be stressful; the burden of caregiving can get us down, feeling disconnected. We listen to music to relax. But do you know it is only by Making Music (i.e. play an instrument, compose or perform music) that we reap the FULL therapeutic power of music, far beyond passive listening? This is proven by neuroscience research.

Sadly, many CANNOT make music the conventional way due to illness or disability. Our innovative programmes and technology enable ALL to make music and unlock its healing power. ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE can make beautiful music that resonates with you, instantly, with ease. No musical background needed.

Discover the power here! Browse our website or contact us below to find out how you can harness the power of music for healing and joy!

A joyful Discovery evening in Singapore

A joyful Discovery evening in Singapore

Spreading the magic to Malaysia

Talk & Demo at Goh Loo Club, Singapore