Our Social Impact

Enabling those who haven’t been able to access music the conventional way

  1. Enabling the Underserved
  2. Creating Jobs with Dignity
  3. Engaging the Community

Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

“I’m Soul Inc has helped address the need to enable and engage everyone through a common love for music. It is truly sharing and facilitating, creating music across all ages and abilities.”

Anita Yadava
Occupational Therapist

“The use of the sound beam and switches enable the freeing of one’s imagination and inhibition. Coming together to compose a Narrative using the equipment, never done before, is indeed a Dream Come True!”

Janice Lim
Assistant Director, MindChamps

“Good for non-musical people, by actual participation makes us more supple.”

Magaret Lim
Client, Parkinson Society Singapore

“The love and joy shown on the face of participants is priceless.”

Doreen Ang
SCA State Coordinator
Sathya Sai International Organization

“It is music where a not-so-normal person can also enjoy making music. It was really fun, especially when you have to synchronise with others who are playing different parts to form a song. I have never done this before and never thought it could be done. I have been telling my friends about I’m Soul Inc and they should consider working for the company. The first time that I saw the videos of people who were playing music really touched me.”

K K Lim
Client, Singapore Cancer Society

“Technology to bring value to elderly, and brighten up their days.”

April Ng
Manager, Aged Care Group